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his is a pretty old pic now, having been snapped in 2000 in London, but I still dig it, so it's here to stay. Not that I really care for England or anything.
Yes... I can see it now... Total Global Domination!
So... a brief description of me? Well, I'm a real loner. Yeah, that pretty much sums things up. I could go into more detail, but would anybody really care? Not likely.

Kneel Before Satan!

Frank guards some sandals... T

his is Frank. I've known him since about '88, and he's changed quite a bit since. As kids, we used to run amok on Fort Ord, down in California. But I went my way, joining the Air Force, and he went his. Now he's still in Cali doing his computer thing, while I'm over here stranded in Cheyenne.

Afterglow Computers


his is Bully. I met him in England. We were both Comm/Nav troops and into Magic:TG, so I guess meeting him was pretty much inevitable. Neither of us have played magic much lately, but we can still strike up a fine conversation about it.

Bully smiles while thinking deeply about porn...

Bully's ccg...

Shawn says hello T

his is Shawn. I met him in England since we were both in avionics. Then he was stationed at Fairchild AFB while I was in Spokane. Shawn's a pretty interesting guy. He's one of the few fairly creative people I know.

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