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h... Sicily. I didn't do any sight seeing, since we worked long hours. But, I saw enough on the hour long commute to work (nothing like an hour drive before & after a 12 hour shift).
  Catania, Sicily - December 12th, 2001
Sicilian convenience at its best.
1. Traffic: Bizarre. I thought England was bad with the queen's shite roads (road tax well spent), but Italy goes a step further by having bad roads and very aggresive motorists. Also of interest, as depicted on the right, are the friendly fellows selling tissue and other junk to people at stop lights. Now here are some people I wouldn't feel bad about giving welfare to... at least they get off their asses and try to make a living.
2. Food: Bleh. I'll take American pasta and pizza anyday over the real deal. Italian pizza is always thin and oily. And the spaghetti was none too hearty. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed. Also, you might want to learn some of the language. Few people there knew much English... they didn't exactly have picture menus.

Anyway, the place is pretty ghetto. I wouldn't recommend picking it as a vacation spot. I haven't seen that much of Europe, but I would much rather go to Scotland or Germany, or even Iceland for that matter.

Ipswich, England - November 25th, 2001
Argh! Sometimes I really hate Fact or Fiction...
A fter the London GP, Bully and I went to Ipswich looking for some m:tg action. We found Suffolk Sci-Fi & Fantasy, and ran into Sue Rodwell, who I had seen in the GP trial.
She was buying packs as prizes for an IBC tourney that was to be held a few days later. Of course, we decided to drop by. I threw together a deck that used come into play effect creatures like Benalish Emissary and Mystic Snake with creature bounce in the form of Sunken Hope and Repulse. It proved rather effective and I placed 2nd. Unfortunately, I lost to Bully's domain deck, even though my sideboard was built solely against it.
Anxious to return, we went back for a Standard tournament. I had so many decks thought up, it was hard to chose from, but since I was short on cards for most of those deck ideas, I finally settled on a deck that wasn't much different from the one I used before (not at all far from IBC either), the only difference being the Dueling Grounds/Questing Pheldagrif addition. This made it a bit busy with 2 combos running, but even with a lack of cards, it placed 3rd; losing to Bully once again, this time, in a mirror match.
M ost major national and world events over the past decade haven't really elicited much of a reaction from me. Bert and his evil sidekick Osama.
But, as a tool of the US government, the recent World Trade Center crash thing has really made life hell. I had to come back from Hungary early, and my job is sucking right now. It isn't Osama's (or whoever's) fault that the people I work for are slave drivers, but the one thing that does really tick me off is how all of this drove an already atrophied stock market into the gutter. How am I supposed to amass the wealth necessary for global domination with the market like this?

London - September 1st, 2001
My first magic tournament. Quite fun.
I decided to drop by London last September for the Magic:TG Grand Prix, and as an amateur I learned several things, most notably that you can't do well without preparation. My deed-control deck performed terribly, since I tested so little before the event.
I managed 272nd out of 551, only because I played until round 8. Should I attend another such event, I'll come much more prepared. Fatigue contributed to very poor playing, like siding out all but 6 creatures (2 being Jungle Barriers) and nearly decking myself. My opponent must have wondered how I managed to tie my shoes that morning.
My power card turned out to be Lobotomy... but I only had 2 in the sideboard, which I put in minutes before the main event. My only glory was sitting at table 1, where I was beat down by Rene Kraft. I found that Spiritmonger was terrible against blue and/or Trenches, and that Mystic Snake was just too costly.

Sweetest play: Matt (Bullard) had 20 life and a Rage in hand, having tapped out to get his opponent to 3 life. Feeling smug, he says "go" only to have his opponent cast a kicked Rage at the end of his turn and another kicked Rage with Yawgmoth's Agenda shortly therafter! That's gotta suck...

My sweetest play: Undermining Rainer Plaumann's Obliterate while he was at 3 life during the GP trial.

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