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Keesler AFB, MS - August 1st, 2006
A view from building 2002
e xactly 11 years ago to the date, I arrived at my first duty station, McChord AFB. Since then, I'd forgotten about just how glad I was to get away from Keesler.
Of course, I was here 3 years ago for 3C0 school, but it was wintertime and aside from transportation to and from base, it was decent. This time, I'm reminded just how much of a muggy, mosquito-filled armpit of the country this place is. So... anyway, after my return from Dhafra, I continued to fight for a transfer to Montana (having sold my house and moved to Montana on suggestion from my chain of command). In addition to denying my transfer at state level, they tabled less frequent UTAs (less driving) and and a tech school date for 2E2 only a few weeks later. So, I took it and have been here since June.
In addition to crossing my fingers and hoping for an AGR slot at WADS, I've gained a lead on a possible AGR position in Alaska. I'd have to wait for it, due to retainability issues (because of this very tech school), but it's nice to have a backup plan (for once), and if things don't work out over in western Washington, I could see it in my future. Sigh... at this rate, if active duty doesn't open up anytime soon, I'll be lucky to retire by 2020.
I t's been a month and a half since I arrived. Dhafra is a rather nice place. It has one of the best chow halls I've ever had the pleasure of eating at and a rather quiet and cozy tent city. This is easily the best TDY I've been on.   Al Dhafra, UAE - April 14th, 2006
Totally bogus.  I wasn't shooting it.  And the lens cap is on the near side of the scope, even.  But hey, it looks cool.
Unfortunately, it's overshadowed by my uncertain future. I'm surrounded by folks who certainly don't share my problem of wanting to get back on active duty, because most of them are active duty. A week ago, I talked to someone who was recently a recruiter and it was really depressing. I finally realized that I will likely never get back on active duty. I will just have to stick to my current plan of getting a 2E2 AFSC and trying to get over to the Western Air Defense Sector in Tacoma, Washington.
On the bright side, I'm reaping the benefits for my abandonment of avionics. While maintainers are slaving away out in the 100+ degree weather, I get to busy myself at the help desk and I couldn't be happier about it. But this is a double edged sword of sorts, as I remain bitter about not having been in comm in the first place. Talks by others of enlistment bonuses past make me realize that I passed up several tens of thousands by not being more adamant about my AFSC choice when I enlisted as a foolish young 17 year old. Bummer, no?
Baltimore, Maryland - March 1st, 2006
BWI Concourse E
B WI. By my count, this is my seventh time through here, but it's my first overnighter. So, a few thoughts before I head out to UAE.
First of all, if you end up staying overnight at BWI, you'll have to check out at noon and if your flight leaves at 0100, then you'll likely end up hanging out at the USO for 8+ hours. I passed on a wireless adaptor when Frank offered to give me one. Bad idea, since they have a free hotspot. In fact, there were so many folks with laptops, you could probably get a nice LAN party going, assuming you have something you could pass out to everyone, like Unreal. Also, having headphones would be nice.
Anyway, I'm on my way to Al Dhafra. My unit, the 242nd CBCS, was on hook for an AEF rotation and although they pulled out for an ORI, I stayed on. I sold my house on the 15th of January and have just finished a stay with my folks in Helena, Montana. I plan on finding another unit that will take me on as a 2E2. I feel a little uneasy about it, but I don't know where I'll be come June. It all depends on what unit will have me.

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