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Cheyenne, WY - December 19th, 2007
New toys
i don't normally do Christmas, so the timing on some newly purchased toys is purely coincidental. Anyway, I figure they are worth mentioning for a year end closeout entry.
First up, I bought a DS Lite for the justified purpose of usage at the gym. The guard is not immune to the AF's latest trend in fitness, which translates to mandatory PT for me. Since I'm not a fan of working out, I got Nintendo's latest portable to help keep me from going insane.

The notable item here would be the accompanying M3 Real that I picked up from Gameyeeeah, along with a 6GB microSD card from eBay. Simply put, the M3 is an absolute must have for the DS.
Next up, a S&W Walther PPK/S that I got from gunbroker along with CTC grips from, both of which arrived today. I haven't fired the Walther yet (I just got it this afternoon), but my initial impression is that laser grips are the most kickass gun accessory I've ever laid hands on. Forum goers are always diminishing their practicality, but it's obvious to me that target acquisition time is reduced and I'm thinking it's a sweet advantage in both low-light conditions and/or with multiple targets. I actually went for the purchase without having ever tried them before and the grips are every bit as cool as I thought they would be.

i closed on my house yesterday and today is moving day... the first day of a 6-11 year stay here, depending on how things go.   Cheyenne, WY - July 14th, 2007
It ain't much, but it'll do.
Things are shaping up to be pretty decent around here. So far, the job isn't bad at all and the folks I work with are pretty cool. I'm not sure if I want to stick around for 11 years, though. I might get a little antsy after 6 and decide to move on, but who knows? I've got plenty of time to figure it out.

Cheyenne, WY - April 14th, 2007
New digs
a fter 2E2 school, I went back to Montana and sat around, seeking out job opportunities all the while. I scored an AGR slot at FE Warren and here I am.
One lesson learned: Unlike BAH at RAF Mildenhall, they don't pay only what you actually have on your lease... they pay the full BAH amount even if you have low rent. So, obviously, having a low rent place is the ideal. I am renting just under the cap, but it doesn't really matter since I'll be looking to get a house, at least by the end of summer.

Work? Looking good so far. Good people and it looks to be a decent workpace.

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