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Salt Lake City, UT - Nov 6, 2011
Birdseye Garlic Chicken
I finally passed my PT test. I started on my crazy diet and exercise back in early August and after failing my PT test two weeks ago, I tried again and passed.
My crazy diet plan all started when I was in Spokane, after failing a PT test (well, marginal at the time). Being unemployed (guard bum... same difference), I didn't need my full mental faculties at all times, so I did a 2+ week fast, which lost me a good 30 lbs rather quickly. This was followed by eating high fiber and high protein foods, and running daily, bumping my score from sub-75 to just over 80. And, of course, I would go insane if I kept that up all time, so after passing, it was back to my ultra-sedentary lifestyle.
When I later became employed, I found trouble fasting for more than a weekend, so usually I start with a 1-3 day fast as my first step (right after getting rid of the last of any sweets I have around). And then comes the diet and running. In 2006, I read about caffeine helping to burn fat if consumed before running out, but that didn't work so well... since I did it in the form of coffee. To combat the taste, I added lots of creamer (wasn't counting calories at the time).

I dropped the coffee in 2007 and started crafting the beginnings of my diet staples... canned tuna, peanuts, fruits and veggies; no pasta. Yeah, sort of an Atkins ripoff. Last year, I took up the caffeine again, this time with 5-hour energy drinks (expensive, but they make getting up and running in the morning sooo much easier). And, though I switched back to my normal diet afterwards, I kept some exercise in there in the form of running three times a week. So, without further ado, I present this year's PT plan... now with calorie counting:

First, the diet: Tuna (small cans only, with a little garlic salt), extra lean beef (with a little bit of chopped onion), egg beaters, yogurt, bananas, strawberries, tomatoes, Le Sueur peas, Six Star Whey Protein with 1% milk, V8, Special K bars and half Voila! Garlic Chicken/half cauliflower. I kept it around 1200 calories a day, with a big meal at night to help me sleep. In the morning, a caffeine pill (Jet Alert, bought at Walmart) to start the day.

The workout plan: Pushups and running 1.5+ mile 4+ times a week (I had crunches waivered). Oh and, some stability ball exercises for my crappy lower back.

G rrr. One thing that's always bothered me is ordering books for college. Often, required books are not so required and that means my money out the window.   SLC, UT - July 15th, 2011
The whole bundle
But, instructors often fashion a bundle with some unique ISBN and, without details on the contents, I end up getting it, since I've had completely unique (custom) texts for classes before.

Anyway, for anyone taking MATH 1405 at Laramie County Community College. All you need is the trig book. For anyone taking IFSM 201 at UMUC, well... I didn't read a single page of the Office text and I could've done fine without "Using Information Technology". And for MATH 140 and 141, guess what? Yeah... all you need is "Thomas' Calculus" and access to MML, assuming you're not a dumbass. The DVD is nice too, though.

Salt Lake City, UT - April 1st, 2011
Home sweet home?
S o, after some thought, I decided sometime in January to get promoted and put in for a few jobs. The first I interviewed for was in Utah and some months later... here I am.
This was relatively spur of the moment and not entirely thought out, so I still have to do something with my house in Cheyenne. I thought about renting it out, but I'd rather just sell it and not have to bother. But, if I don't like it here, I still have a foothold in Wyoming. If I do like it here, I'll probably drive over there sometime and sell it. No hurry, I figure, given the housing meltdown.

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