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Salt Lake City - August 29th, 2017
C ryptocurrencies are in the news again. The good news is that I didn't sell my 2.3 bitcoins back in 2014.
Anyway, this time I'm taking a look at Ethereum. For anyone interested in how long it takes to use vanityeth, here are the results of a i7-6700 tackling some hex words:
dead1: 1 minute
b00b5: 15 minutes
decade: 16 minutes
bedface: 126 hours
I also bought a bunch of ImpressArt Metal Stamp Sets from Amazon. Note: The "1" for the Basic Newsprint Numbers Stamp Set looks bad in the picture on Amazon, so I bought the Basic Bridgette Numbers Metal Stamp Set in addition to the newsprint set, but it wasn't necessary--the basic newsprint "1" looks fine.

I also got the ImpressArt 1 Pound Metal Stamping Hammer, ImpressArt Stamp Enamel, a 20 pack of Plain Metal Business Cards and a 'STEEL & RUBBER BLOCK 4" DOUBLE SIDED COMBINATION METAL WORKING ANVIL'. I recommend all these items. The anvil is pretty nice: it absorbs a good bit of shock so that I can do the stamping on my computer desk.

Salt Lake City - August 26th, 2017
A nother fine birthday bash. I bought wieners, Nurnberger brats, and bratkartoffeln from Siegfried's and threw a small party at my place.
We played a game of Scythe (I've won 4 out of 6 games, so far) and then, after eating, played a game of Dixit and went into Singstar. We rounded out the evening with N64 Mario Kart, Tetris, and Dr. Mario.

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