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SLC, UT - Dec 24th, 2018
W ork sucks, and I don't miss it; but I miss some of the people sometimes. A lot of them are really good folks.
Oh and, I dropped from 220 lbs to 140 lbs in under 10 months. The first 50 lbs were due to complications with my surgery in February. Then I dropped another 30 lbs after a fateful cortisone injection, which precipitated my first ever bout with anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, September and October were amongst the worst months of my entire life, but hey, at least I'm looking slim again :|

Sandy, UT - Feb 6th, 2018
It's alive!
I had a Nissen fundoplication in 2008. The wrap has come loose in the last few years (lots of acid reflux), so I had it redone today.
Just some tips: 1. Nair your adbomen and back of hands 2 days in advance, 2. Canned broth gets boring. Try bouillon, like Herb-Ox or Better Than Bouillon, 3. If you're given PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) for constipation, be careful: this stuff can make a lot of gas/foam--it's a detergent! I picked up some Maalox after reading that it contains simethicone (an anti-foaming agent); I drank just a bit and vomited it up, but it helped. I talked to the surgeon later and he was cool with my switching from PEG to crushed up methylcellulose.

Salt Lake City - Feb 1st, 2018
Y ay! finally made it to retirement. I never belonged in the military in the first place: it's too backwards, full of people I didn't like, and I struggled to toe the company line. Time for a new chapter in my life.
Tip: If you're an AGR, make sure you get a blue ID card. If they give you a red one, your status will be jacked up in DEERS. If your local DEERS/RAPIDS station is down and you need to be retired ASAP (like, I dunno, maybe so you can enroll in Tricare Prime for an upcoming surgery), try contacting the AF Project Officer at Randolph: 1-800-525-0102.

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