Frequency Range   000 MHz
Power Out            0 watts (passive)

About VHF Nav

           First of all, when referring to VHF Nav, we're really referring to 4 systems, 3 of which are collectively referred to as ILS (Instrument Landing System):

VOR - VHF Omni-Range - This system gives you bearing to a station.
LOC - Localizer - This gives you left/right commands when landing.
GS - Glideslope - This gives you up/down commands when landing.
MB - Marker Beacon - This gives audio/visual reminder information on approach.

VOR - VHF Omni-Range

VOR gives 2 pieces of information to the flight crew: Bearing to a station & BIT. Unlike TACAN, VOR has some very simple theory of operation behind it. It uses an antenna with...
Blah blah blah... VOR operation...

ILS - Instrument Landing System

Ground localizer antennas Words on ILS

Now, let's skim over some other LRUs of the ARN-1:

R-2325 - The receiver
C - The control

Basic Troubleshooting

antenna switching...

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