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Comm/Nav Training Supplement - 01/20/2006 - Shawn provided me with a set of newer CDCs to complete this half-assed training supplement, but I've not gotten around to it just yet. In the meantime, I just want to put out a request for some pictures. I would REALLY appreciate a hookup of decent pictures of the following: RT-1300 VHF R/T (ARC-186), either a C-10604/5/6 or C-11029 VHF control (ARC-186), C-10057 TACAN control, C-11680 VOR control, R-2325 GPS receiver and a pic of the AE, a CARA indicator (the type on HH-60Gs, C-141Bs, etc), and pics of an SA-1474 IFF switching unit and C-6280 IFF control.

Also, if you have any older (2A452) CDCs to unload... I'd like to get my hands on them. I was going to use some of the VHF info, for instance, but the newer comm/nav CDCs have trimmed bundles of information away (having gone from about 9 volumes to 5 with only TWO volumes on relevant systems!). One of the parts I was hoping to shed some light on with a copy of CDCs is CARA... I'm a little shaky on the theory of op and the new CDCs suck ass in explaining it. Not only that, instead of using the most common CARA system, the CDC writer decided to use the fucked up B1-B altimeter as the example system.

Anyway, most of the stuff presently here is in my head... and therein lies the problem: As much as I'd like to think I know it all, I most certainly don't, and could use some more reference material to help finish this all up.

Comm/Nav QRL - This excel file contains QRLs for MC-130P, HH-60G and MH-53J model aircraft. If you have any corrections, updates or additions, please send them to me.

MH-53J helpbook - A very helpful excel file I made that is formatted so you can cut it up and tape the pages in those standard green memorandum books.

If you have any on-equipment questions, feel free to e-mail me with them. I have experience on MH-53J, HH-60G, C-141B and C-130 model aircraft, although I'm pretty sketchy on the non-helo aircraft at this point. In fact, as of February 2004, I jumped ship and became a 3C0X1, so my knowledge fades away, day by day. However, things like the APQ-158 will probably haunt me forever, so it can't hurt to ask. When writing please use appropriate subject lines like 'IFF question' or 'QRL correction' and not ube subjects like 'hello' or 'your website'.

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